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Hi Fusion101,
I am just writing a quick e-mail to ask if you could possibly remove my account from your site? My user name dctuck. I am asking for this because, thanks to your wonderful site, I have met my future wife! She sent me a message first, to which I sent a short response. After a couple of messages, we gave each other our MSN logons so that we could chat properly. We chatted online for about 3 months, and got to know each other so well; we felt like we had found our soulmate in each other. We finally met almost two months ago, and there hasn't been a day gone by when we haven't seen each other. We are engaged, and hope to be married next June (if we can save up that quickly!!)

Many thanks once again for a wonderful (not to mention free - always a bonus!!) site - it has changed my life forever.
God bless!

P.S. Feel free to use any of this on your testimonials page, if you would like to........ 
Dan - Haslemere Surrey United Kingdom

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(Paul @ 101 - 16925) Subject: Hide Profile
Message: Please could you remove my profile (or hide it from view) as I have found a grilfriend!... as a result of Fusion!!!!!

Paul - Haslemere - Surrey UK 

Will let you know later whether or not to remove my profile permanently. Many thanks,
Samuel - Croydon - Surrey UK

Can you remove my profile please? My user name is Istra. I met up with a fabulous man from surry via the site last week and couldn't be happier! Thank you very very much.
Istra - Surbiton - Surrey, England

My profile name is dary2010.
I've met someone on your site - please can you delete my account:)
many thanks!
Emma - Epsom - Surrey UK

Subject: Website Submission
From: Derek - ID911029)
Message: My thanks for your assistance in finding me a new partner who is now my wife! I would be most greatful if you would therefore erase my details listed as "Derek from Surrey, age 51-55"
With my kindest regards,
[email protected]
Derek - Hindhead - Surrey United kingdom 

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