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To whom this may concern,
I sent you an e-mail this past Friday requesting that you would delete my account because I have found my soul mate on Fusion Christian Personals. I would very much appreciate you deleting it, since I can't seem to find the option of doing it myself! Thank you again for your help in finding a wonderful man. :)
God bless you richly!
Hethersett Norfolk UK

Hi team (Ed:)
I've met someone on your site, and its looking pretty hopeful at this point. So thank-you, and please could you hide my profile until further notice?
Swanton Abbott - Norfolk, UK

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From: Roger
Message: Hi,
I think tthe service you provide is brilliant. Being an emotional sort of chap, the questions asked about 'What Do you believe'?... moved me to tears, it was great to be able to say publicaly on line YES YES YES! That was very good for the Soul Thank You.

You are doing a wonderful service, uneque in my experience, there are others 'claiming' to offer such a service but further enquiry reveal they are just 'using' Christianity to exploit Christians. You on the other hand are genuine: Scripture says 'You will know them by their fruits': I just can't tell you how moving it was to be asked those introduction questions. I feel you have got it about right, not too many but enough. Praise God for you. May the peace of Christ be with you now and always.
Great Yarmouth - Norfolk UK

From: Autumn4019 (ID39980)
Subject: Thank You!
Message: I just found your site today & I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the other so called dating services charge & when you are on limited income you cannot do that. May God richly bless you & keep up the good work!
Beeston Norfolk UK 

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