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From: ***** (tarana - 36733)
Subject: Found my love
Message: Dear fusion group, 
I thank God for such a wonderful website that allowed me to meet many great friends and one special friend. I have met my life partner in fusion. Very recently I met him for a weekend and knew that this is THE MAN. It is answer of my sincere prayers, fusion group has facilitated it, I am so thankful to you. We will getting married in Spring 2005. Please remove our profiles from your website. Love you all.
Tarana and Steve Usernames (tarana) and (Steve100) Failsworth Manchester UK 

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UserID 23127 Profile Support - Hide
- just to say that I have met a lovely man on this site and would like to hide my profile for the time being while we take this relationship forward. Many thanks for all your help in this site. I will keep you informed! God bless you. 
C***** Judd Bradshaw Manchester UK 

From: ******* (kimmerjo - 221000)
Subject: Good news for you
Message: Hello, I'm user Kimmerjo and I have good news for you. I was emailed by user bigdoghandyman over 1 1/2 years ago on your site. We have stayed pen pals for all this time and have helped each others out in time of our needs emailing each others. We called each others from time to time to talk. Well, now we are going to be together as one next month. We will be getting married. He\'s my soul mate and I found him on your site. Thankyou for having this site as I wouldn\'t have met my match made in heaven. I just had to let you know about this. 
From Kimmerjo - Atherton Manchester UK

From: ****** (wendo - 370434)
Subject: Message: Thanks. Thank you for a wonderful website. I've tried others but this is the only one that has worked for me. I feel safe, it looks like most of your members are decent and I am enjoying good conversation with a few members. One minor suggestion it possible to change the received mail to black on white just as it is for sent mail? All the best,
Wendo - Manchester UK

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