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A few of REAL thanks letters from Fusion101's members in Jesey, Guernsey,​ ​Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou and Brecqhou

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Hi Fusion,
Please remove our usernames Joshua3267 and Ash39. We have been on your site for sometime but did not bump into each other until a few months ago. I am in Jersey and she is in Guernsey and after several months of chatting we finally met. Well we hit it off bigitime and two weeks later I proposed! We are busy organising the wedding and will send a few photos as soon as I can for your testimonials page. Please can you change the names on them as yo umentioned for privacey - otherwise by all means use our story to encourage others. God bless.
Terry and Ashley Jesey Channels Islands.

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From: [email protected] (Amber - 2965)
Subject: Thanks!
Message: Dear Ed...
Just a note to say thank you for your web site, which I have used for the last few years.
I am now in contact with a very special man through this site and would like to, therefore, delete my profile in the hope that I won't need it again! Many thanks. God bless
Clare (under the name of Amber) ​Alderney

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Hi Edward,
Please delete my account as I am getting married to a man I met on Fusion last year from England. I had forgotten my account was still active. I will make a donation at some point but just wanted to thank you for putting this singles service for Christians together - I can see it's a labour of love. Where I live on The Island of Sark there are not many people let alone Christians so it was a long shot but it worked as I was open to meetng someone abroad. Anyway thanks again - I will send a wedding pic! God bless.

Joanne Sark Channel Islands

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