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Subject: Thank You,Bless You
Message: You Know,
I`ve just read more about your site, and did`nt realise it was just you. I have met so many good people on this site,it has encouraged my walk with Christ....not just dating, but being challanged by a sister is! Thank you for not asking for a joining up fee,as i could`nt afford to use the site if it were at a monthly charge. BLESS YOU - thankyou.
Michael (youjustgottabe) Herts - Heartfordshire

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Subject: Delete Profile (louabelle - 32582)
Message: I wish to delete my profile as I have found a very nice person through your website and wish to no longer have my profile on your web site.
Susuan in Heartfordshire UK

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From: [email protected] (youjustgottabe)
Hi there,
I would like to thank you for this web site as it is a very good way to meet new people.
Toby Berkhamsted - Herts - Heartfordshire.

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