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A few of 100's REAL thanks letters from Fusion101's Hampshire single Christians that dated on our site!

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Hi Fusion,
I would really appreciate it if you would remove my profile as I no longer feel I need to be on here any longer. I have enjoyed being a member and have met someone from fusion's dating service so feel it only fair that I should come off, so I dont lead others on if you know what I mean. Thanks for a great site and giving us the opportunity to meet - wouldn't have happened otherwise! God bless your ministry.
Shaun - New Forest Hampshire UK.

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Dear Ed...
I have found your service excellent and have found someone very nice here, you are doing a very worthwhile service for dating since it's so hard to meet people anywhere - even at church these days. My profile is 11715:)
Luke - Portsmouth - Hampshire

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Hi Edward,
Please delete my profile Claire732 Password bombadil with effect from tomorrow. I have met someone through you, for which I thank you very much, and I'd like to see how it goes please. Best wishes, God bless,
Claire - Amesbury - HANTS

Hi there Edward - guess what?.. I met my please delete my profile. Something tells me this could be a winner! ...if the wedding bells are a ringing I'll definitely let you know. Thank you so much for your work - and I still can't believe it's a completely free service?!
Aimee - Hampshire - Alton 

Dear Fusion
Please delete my profile permanently as I have met someone Praise God through Fusion. Please confirm that you have done this. Thank you - I praise God for your website.
Thank you. God Bless
Rache - Portsmouth - Hampshire

Subject: Hide Profile
Message: Hey there!! I've met a really cute guy of Fusion, so cheers for that!! Can you therefore hide my profile, don't want new people contacting me at the moment.
Many thanks Fusion!!
Southampton - Hampshire

Hello Fusion team from angeliceyes,
I have met a wonderful guy through your personals and no longer wish to remain on Fusion101 as angeliceyes, so please delete my profile. Thank you for your excellent site i have found someone on it and wish to thank you, could you now remove me from your list.
Once again many thanks for helping me to meet and fall in love with him.
Yours in Jesus
angeliceyes Portsmouth Hants UK

Dear fusion 101,
Please remove the profiles of Minty and chuck from your website as we no longer require your services!!! - thanks for your help
minty and chuck - Southampton - Hants

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