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Real Christian singles couple married on!Subject: please remove my profile
Message: Dear all at 101 - it is with great joy that I am writing to request that you remove my profile from your system. I have just gotten engaged to someone I met from Fusion and the wedding is set for Oct 2004. I think it could be quite good for other membersa to know that sucess does happen and if you would like I am willing to write a decent testomany you can display on your site.Many Thanks and God Bless. Darren Milton Keynes - Buckinghamshire

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Dear all - what can I say but thanks to you all - or is it just Edward - I'm not sure? Either way I have signed up to your service totally unprepared to meet anyone - just as a test really as friends encouraged me to use the service and I have met the most wonderful man and we are to be married as soon as we can sort the details out.
Lois - Buckinghamshire United Kingdom

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Hi there,
I have got another success story for you! Having joined in March I didn't get anywhere until a nice lady locally contacted me and we started chatting. I was not really expecting much but we realised we had a lot in common and within a few weeks met and were both surprised at how well we got on. Having been single for a long long time this has been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone Christians who is looking for a believing partner. Thank you so much for your efforts - this site is amazing.

ps I have also heard of two other couple in my church that have got marriaed on Fusion101.
Andy - Buckinghamshire UK

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