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Fusion101 has been invited on so many TV shows over the last 15 years - several larger ones like BBC , Channel 4 and ITV, and lots of small independent ones I have lost count. Many I (very regrettably) had to decline as I was either too busy running the website, or unable to do the interview and get involved further due to ill health (fatigue/stress due to rediculous workload with endless site bugs and technical problems - now thankfully mostly reolves and ten times easier than in previous years for a number of reasons you can read about in our 'about/history of fusion101 pages section).

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As you can imagine, not being able to do many of these programes and media shows - basicly giving 101ChristianSingles free exposure, has been quite heartbreaking for me as I would have loved to have taken up more of these offers to promote the work I do here for single Christians but never mind!... I am much better these days and there weill be more offers in the pipeline I have no doubt! Below is a screen capture of the ITV show from the ITV website, however now I am free from constraints, I'm going to try to dig out the actual TV footage of me being ineterviewed about Fusion101 as soon as possible and post it here! Happy reading...

fusion101 on ITV cupid dating television show

What you cannot see from the footage is that I was soooo stressed with work at the time - I nearly asked the two TV producers to go home (how rude would that have been? - they had come all the way from London to film me in my office and ask me questions about 101's services and success stories).

Somehow - I can only think with God's help, with some good lighting and cemera work - I managed to pull it off with a few false starts and the overall impression was a good one - reflecting Fusion in a way I feel was favourable.

Of course there was a sudden spike in site activity after the dating TV program eas aired and a load of new singles signips as you can image with the showbeing played at prime-time all over the UK, Englad, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! I can't wait to do another now I am able to.