UK Christian Marriage Success Stories...

The are just a few of the 100's real marriage testimonials and thank-you letters sent to me by our UK Christian singles ('fusioneers') of all ages in England, Ireland, Scotland, Northen Ireland and Wales who met and married their Christian match on fusion! I hope you enjoy these marriage stories as much as I enjoyed helping them meet! God bless you - Edward:)

  • Christian singles Andy and Lorraine's marriage

    Andy & Loraine

    "Hi Fusion 101, we are writing to ask you to remove our profiles from fusion as we are getting married. We would like to thank you for helping us get together and for the fantastic ministry you run, helping the forgotten in the church to find the possibility of romance. I have to say you have been fantastically successful in my church with two weddings and one pending. Thanks once again and God Bless. WFG & Lolly68 (aka Andy & Lorraine)." - England UK

  • Christian singles Robert and Sophia's marriage

    Robert & Sophia

    "Dear Edward, a widower, I met some lovely Christian ladies through Fusion, but none of them hit the spot, until I met a terrified Loveday at a garden centre toward Cambridge. We both love Jesus. I’m a geriatric Anglican Lay Reader. Loveday is a fantastic keyboard player and we got married in March and have enjoyed every moment together. Even a septuagenarian (person between 70 and 79 years old) can find happiness through your website! Thank you so much and please use our testimonial and photo if you wish. If you want any further testimonial just let me know. Warm regards, Jesus Reigns! Robert." - England UK

  • Christian singles wedding of Helen and David

    Helen & David

    "Dear Ed, yup, we really did meet on fusion!! My dating and personal life had not been great for various reasons and I felt a bit vulnerable and oh so single after a recent break up, and had been praying for God's guidance. Despite this, I tried online dating as lots of friends talked about it. I got a fair amount of response but it was a bit overwhelming and hard to separate the wheat from chaff so to speak, so was considering deleting, when Dave sent me a message on fusion101 that stood out. I instantly felt I understood his personality and humour from that first message! He later told me he felt the same and wanted to meet me when he read my profile. We agreed the best way to suss a person out is meet them face to face, so we met for lunch. Once nerves passed the conversation flowed and I couldn't help but like him! We continued dating and clicked and life together was so easy and even doing mundane stuff together was fun! We fell in love and got engaged 10 months after our first date! It literally was as easy as that. The key to love is not romance, looking your best or saying the right thing but finding someone who complements, completes and understands you. I found that in Dave and God brought me from the valley to the mountain top! Thanks - Helen." - UK England

  • Christian singles wedding of Colin and wife Carly

    Colin & Carly

    "Hi Edward - apologies for the delay in writing back and sending you the wedding testimony/photo you asked for. Here is a photogrpah from our wedding in May! Thanks to you for all the work you have done with the fusion101 singles website. Me and my wife are so thankful that through your site we came together and are now enjoying married life together. Thank you once again, we wish you all the best and may God bless you and all you do. Colin." - England UK

  • Christian singles wedding of Daniel and wife Anne

    Daniel & Ann

    Dear Fusion UK, after emailing each other on your singles site for a while Anne and myself met on 26th June. Just to let you know that we are to be marriaed in eight weeks on 25th June. Having just got another two of our friends to sign up we thought that we should let you know about another success on Fusion101! Please let us know if you want a copy of our wedding picture. I took Ann to Monnets Gardens just outside Paris to get engaged on the Japanese Bridge overlookung the famous lily pond! Daniel and Ann." - Northern Ireland UK

  • Christian wedding of Andy & Summer

    Pom & Summer

    "Hi, I met my wife on Fusion whilst chatting away in the singles chat room and our great friendship led to marriage. We would like to thank you and wish you all the best at Fusion Christian singles and thank you for allowing us to meet - Andy & Summer." - Scotland UK

  • Wedding photo

    Angela & Simon

    "Hi Edward, my husband and I met on your site and I just realised that we hadn't told tell you we found each other on your site and are now married which is amazing:) We are so blessed by each other and grateful to fusion101 for letting us meet so I'll here's a wedding photo! We really wanted to find a genuine Christian life partner but it was hard to find a sincere Christian who we were also attracted to. Fusion101 has people who have a genuine relationship with Jesus and a great variety of people to connect with for friendship and/or marriage. So we wanted to say a big thank you so much and God Bless you in your ministry of helping to build Christian marriages and family. Thanks from us both - Angela." - UK England

  • Wedding photo testimonial

    Tim & Connie

    "Hello Edward, here is our wedding pic and a short testimony for you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! In case you heven't guessed I met the man of my dreams (mad scouser) through Fusion101. It is coming up to the second anniversary or our first email and we are now happily married! We met and got engaged within 6 months and have been ever so happy! Thank you so much for helping us meet. Connie (Brightspark) and Tim." - Wales UK

  • Wedding rings

    Two better than one!

    "For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

    Author God (The Bible)
  • Darren & Mellissa's wedding photo

    Darren & Mellissa

    "It is with great joy that I am writing to request that you remove my profile from your site. I have just gotten engaged to someone I met on the fusion101 website and the wedding is set for October. I think it would be good for other members to know that success does happen and if you would like I am willing to write a decent testimomny you can display on your site. Thanks Darren." - Wales UK

  • Wedding photo on fusion101

    Derek & Jo

    Hi Ed - this is 'Rubyesque' and 'dhp'. We met in September and agreed to correspond just as friends as we weren't each other's 'type'. We began chatting, and then meeting up to go places, and enjoyed several days out and trips to the cinema. It was lovely and easy and no strings attached, and we became good friends and confidants. Then about a year ago things started to change and we became an item in June, after seeing Phantom of the Opera. As we knew each other so well, and as we were 65 and 63 ie no spring chickens, we became engaged a month later and married last November (We are toying with the idea of a masked ball for our first anniversary!). Since then we have been able to recommend Fusion101 to many people dubious about internet dating, as a wonderful and free opportunity for meeting a wide variety of Christians in a safe environment, whether or not it leads to a permanent relationship. (We had both met others who remain friends). For ourselves we are very grateful to Fusion and you, and mainly of course to the Lord, for bringing us together to find so much in common as we start to share this new adventure of the rest of our lives. I've attached a photo from the wedding just in case it is useful! God bless you in all you are doing. Jo and Derek." - England UK

  • Photo of Mark and Linda's marriage

    Mark & Linda

    "Dear Edward, we wanted to write to tell you we will always be greatful to you for being used by God to bring us together. Above is our wedding photo from July 5th. By the way, it is great that your dating service is free but I'm sure nobody would object to a £5 charge - especially as other sites are so expensive. Please find enclosed a contribution to help you as we owe you big time:)!!” - UK England

  • Gord and Lib's wedding

    Gordy & Libby

    "Thanks Fusion, we would be very happy for you to use our testimonial. The wedding was absolutely fantastic. We are just back from a short honeymoon in Paris and are so looking forward to all that God has got planned for us in our new Christian married life together. God bless, Gordy and Libby Davidson." - UK England

  • Daniel & Louise

    Daniel & Louise

    "Hi Ed. I am writing a quick e-mail to ask you if you could remove our accounts from 101's website. You will be pleased to know that thanks to your wonderful free Christian dating site, I have met my future wife! She sent me a message first and after a couple of mails back and forth we chatted online via messenger for 3 months and got to know each other so well we felt like we had found our soulmate in each other. We got engaged and will be married next June (if we can save up that quickly!!) Many thanks once again for a wonderful - not to mention free (always a bomus!!) site - it chamged my life forever. God bless - Daniel. P.S Feel free to use any of this on your testimonials." - Scotland UK

  • Tammy & Ron

    Tammy & Ron

    "I want to thank Fusion101 for bringing me and my wife together. We met on Fusion in November. We're both Christians and came here curious, and hoping that maybe our life mate was out there somewhere. But to be honest we both felt the chances weren’t good.. It’s the internet after all and everyone says not much good comes of online relationships... or so we thought! Little did we know, our Saviour had it all laid out for us. Tammy’s what I always wanted in a mate and the Lord delivered that to me. We got married on August 19th and we owe it all to the Lord and Fusion Christian singles for bringing us together. God bless you for up this site up for Christian people to meet. Your website is easy to use and a joy to visit. Keep up the good work and God bless all you at Fusion101. All our love, Tammy and Ron." - Eire - Republic of Ireland

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  • David & Mel

    David & Mel

    "Hello Ed, my name is David. I was member (gzusfreek777) until I met my wife - Melanie Domalaon on Fusion101!!!!! I am 35, serving the Lord for 16 years, never married and waiting patiently for the woman God would have me marry. I came across this beautiful and Godly woman's profile and started a casual conversation which grew over time. After talking everyday for 8 months, I was finally able to meet Melanie. I flew overseas to Manila, Philippines in which I would spend 3 weeks with Melanie and her family. There I proposed and returned to the US. 8 months later, Melanie moved to the states and we tied the knot!!! She is the woman OF MY DREAMS!.. A GOD SEND! She is my perfect half and visa versa. Our marriage and relationship is so God centered with such a peace. All our pastors, staff, family, and friends bear witness to our marriage and we are so overjoyed. THANK YOU FUSION SOO MUCH!! I WOULD HAVE NEVER MET MY WIFE WITHOUT YOUR SITE! God is truly using your site to bring people together!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! David." - USA/Manila, Philippines

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